The word ‘mosaic’ suggests readymade squares of ceramics, caught in fixed shapes and colours. Nothing is less true.

Mieke Dondorp is a self-taught artist. Some 12 years ago many colleagues were enthusiastic about this form of art and started working with the technique. When also Mieke became interested she noticed that being successful in mosaic largely depends on a good design. “What is my plan”, “which colours do I choose”, “which one is my target group”, “will it be a utensil”, she asked herself. During this process she also met with several technical questions, but she soon left this educational period far behind and with her passion and technique, developed into a great artist.

By coincidence she discovered her own special form of art: working with (fragments of) different kinds of tiles (mosa), ‘Delft Blue’ and blue coloured porcelain. This way she could put her personal touch, but also much humour into these works of art. She started making utensils like mirrors and tables. She further developed this technique – in a spatial sense – and is working with dynamics and expression, a way to unite form and colour. Her challenge is to combine originality with renewal, to give her own interpretation to this form of art, to unite presence and past into a new work of art.
This is her ‘Unique Mosaic’.

Mieke Dondorp used to work in healthcare from 1964 – 2004 and since then she may call herself visual artist mosaic. As an artist she organized several exhibitions and presentations.